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musical comedy by Garinei and Giovannini written with Jaja Fiastri
freely inspired by "After me the deluge" by David Forrest
music by Armando Trovajoli

"La voce di lassù" is by ENZO GARINEI

musical direction Maurizio Abeni | choreography by Gino Landi
scenography - original project Giulio Coltellacci
scenographic adaptation Gabriele Moreschi
costumes - original design Giulio Coltellacci
adaptation Francesca Grossi
lighting design Umile Vainieri | sound design Emanuele Carlucci
production director Carlo Buttò | artistic supervision Alessandro Longobardi
original direction by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini
theatrical shooting by GIANLUCA GUIDI

Every evening, over 200,000 spectators for three theatre seasons have applauded the symbol of purity, the "Dove", a synthesis of joy and rebirth, in emotional standing ovations on the final notes of the show. The audience was moved and happy.

And so 250 performances around Italy brought Alessandro Longobardi to resume the tour of AGGIUNGI UN POSTO A TAVOLA for the 2021-2022 theatre season, which will be back on stage at the Brancaccio Theatre from 6 April 2022 with a cast currently being defined, made up of 24 artists, singers and dancers.

One of the most beloved Italian musical comedies, by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini, written with Jaja Fiastri, unsurpassed protagonists of a legendary era for the Italian theatre. The music, composed by Armando Trovajoli, has enchanted entire generations. Performed for the first time in 1974, it was an unprecedented success, with hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators, establishing itself also on the international scene with over 30 editions and about 15 million spectators, in England, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Finland. Gianluca Guidi is in charge of the staging of this production, assisted by an excellent creative cast, composed of the prestigious choreographer Gino Landi, assisted by Cristina Arrò; the musical director Maurizio Abeni, former assistant to Armando Trovajoli; the set designer Gabriele Moreschi, who has adapted the original project by Giulio Coltellacci for the famous and ingenious set design with the rotating double and the large ark; the costume designer Francesca Grossi who has adapted the original designs of the refined costumes, also by Giulio Coltellacci.
The lighting design is by Umile Vainieri; the sound design is by Emanuele Carlucci; the video contributions are by Claudio Cianfoni. The stage was created by Mario Amodio, who was the builder in the first edition in 1974, and by Antonio Dari for the mechanical part; the costumes were made by Sartoria Brancaccio. The musical comedy is produced by O.T.I. Officine del Teatro Italiano in collaboration with Viola Produzioni. After the successes obtained with Rapunzel the musical (2014), Sister act the musical (2015), Peter Pan the musical (2016), The last witch (2016), And... if time were a shrimp? (2016), La Regina di ghiaccio il musical (2017), Aggiungi un posto a tavola (2017) Shakespeare in Love (2018) Aladin il musical geniale (2019), La piccola bottega degli orrori (2019) Alessandro Longobardi continues in the direction of the "Production Centre" of excellence among the most active in Italy.

The story, freely inspired by "After me the deluge" by David Forrest, narrates the adventures of Don Silvestro, parish priest of a small mountain village, who one day receives an unexpected phone call: God himself instructs him to build a new ark to face the imminent second universal deluge. Don Silvestro, helped by his fellow villagers, succeeds in his undertaking, despite the greedy mayor Crispino who will try to hinder him in every way and the arrival of Consolazione, a woman of easy virtue, who will put the men of the village to the test.
When the ark is finished, at the moment of embarkation, a cardinal sent from Rome intervenes and convinces the townspeople not to follow Don Silvestro who, according to him, dishonours the habit he wears. The flood begins, and the only people on the ark are Don Silvestro and Clementina, the mayor's young daughter who is madly in love with him. Don Silvestro decides to leave the ark, a safe haven, to share that terrible moment with his faithful. An infinite gesture of love. Then God, seeing his project fail, interrupts the flood, sets up the rainbow. He closes on a festive table celebrating the return to serenity blessed by God.

From 6 April to 30 April 2022


Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
Tel. 06/ Fax 06/

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